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Cotswold and Bath Stone

Cotswold Stone

Known to everyone as the Cotswolds, the line of hills formed by the Jurassic limestone escarpments of Southern and Central England has been one of the most important sources of local building materials for many thousands of years. Cotswold Stone has shaped and influenced both the vernacular and grandiose architecture of the UK. The soft colours and tones of these stones make the villages and buildings as good as any throughout the world. Unfortunately, most of these small local quarries are now closed, and the bigger quarries are finding it more difficult to consistently get good quality material. For the last 20 years Cirencester Stone has been searching for an alternative to this diminishing resource and is delighted to have discovered Field Stone. It too is a Jurassic limestone and is extraordinarily similar to Cotswold Stone in appearance. The stone is harder and less porous than most UK limestone so is suitable for flooring and exterior paving. As well as flooring, we keep slabs for stairs, skirtings and tops and are able to cut steps etc.

Bath Stone

Bath Stone is a Jurassic limestone and another of our native favourites. The warm, honey tones of the stone grace so many of Bath’s historic buildings and have firmly established the City as a World Heritage site. It is widely believed that Bath Stone was originally quarried by the Romans around 75AD and used to build their great Baths. During the Medieval period it was used to construct many of the great houses in the area including Longleat and Lacock Abbey. Many of the quarries have now closed, but Bath Stone’s popularity remains so we have been hunting hard to find a great quality alternative and are delighted to have discovered Saxon. Another Jurassic limestone, it has many of the properties of Bath Stone and its muted honey tones, yet is a harder, more durable alternative.